Critical Thinking Series

Curated by: Denisa Tomková

The aim of the Critical Thinking Series is to expand on the concepts proposed by Kunsthalle Bratislava’s exhibition programming, by providing further critical discursive thinking in the form of essays and poems by international thinkers. The texts are translated into Slovak for the first time, making this knowledge and critical thinking accessible to readers who do not necessarily read in English. ‘In defence of translation. When a word or concept travels, its meaning and applicability begin to shapeshift. … In defence of the idea that concepts are not geographically bound, that they can and should float, bend and be utilised by organisers, art practitioners across the world.’ (In Defence of Translation, 2021) The texts are published bilingually: in the original English and also translated into Slovak for the first time. The wide accessibility and sustainability of the project is ensured by the fact that all of the publications are accessible free of charge on the Kunsthalle Bratislava website.

Translation: Denisa Tomková

Copyediting: Zuzana Andrejco Ferusová

Graphic Design: Lukáš Kollár

Project is Supported by: ERSTE Foundation

In 2022, the following publications have been published so far:

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