Online publication accompanying the exhibition project Under This Strange Sun

Editor: Denisa Tomková
Contributors: Federico Campagna, Donna Haraway, Katarína Hrušková, Tjaša Pogačar, Elvia Wilk
Translation: Denisa Tomková, Zuzana Jánska; Copyediting: Zuzana Andrejco Ferusová; Grafic dizajn: Lukáš Kollár
Published: July 2023
The publication accompanies the two-part exhibition project Under This Strange Sun at Kunsthalle Bratislava (which consists of a solo show of Anna Hulačová entitled Edible, Beautiful, Untamed and a group exhibition entitled Mud Keeper’s Promise), curated by Tjaša Pogačar. While the first part of the exhibition project Under This Strange Sun tells a story of monocultural land shaped by agriculture, the second part focuses on the muddy uncertain terrain of a world in transition. The essays in this volume represent some of the key new texts that contribute to the knowledge on new materialism and deal with the notion of ‘worlding’, which represents our engagement with the materiality of this world.