Online publication accompanying the exhibition Do Nothing, Feel Everything

Editor: Denisa Tomková
Contributors: Sara Ahmed, Lola Olufemi, Mikkel Krause Frantzen, Laura Amann and Aziza Harmel
Translation: Denisa Tomková; Copyediting: Zuzana Andrejco Ferusová; Graphic design: Lukáš Kollár
Published: July 2022
This online publication accompanies the exhibition Do Nothing, Feel Everything, curated by Laura Amann & Aziza Harmel. The exhibition reflects on our ability to cope with the external factors of the current era. Sara Ahmed’s essay ‘Selfcare as Warfare’ reminds us that we are not all born into the same support system. Ahmed references Audre Lorde’s A Burst of Light, arguing in favour of selfcare. Lola Olufemi’s essay ‘Hours against the clock: on the politics of laziness’ examines how capitalism appropriated time and labour for its profit and proposes laziness as a tool. Similarly, to the curators of this exhibition, Mikkel Krause Frantzen’s essay ‘Welcome to the world’s happiest nation’ sees the ascent of depression in our ‘loss of (the ability to imagine) the future.’ Lola Olufemi’s poem 'I am always writing the same thing...' offers us the horizon and a gesture towards imagining a different future that is possible.