Online publication accompanying the exhibition After Work

Editor: Denisa Tomková
Contributors: Jay Bernard, Kathryn Bond Stockton, Jos Boys, Simone R. Caljouw, Jen Kratochvil, Rob Withagen
Translation: Denisa Tomková; Copyediting: Zuzana Andrejco Ferusová; Graphic design: Lukáš Kollár
Published: January 2023
The essays in this publication consider the distinctions between different zones and places designed for play and work. On the one hand, Withagen and Caljouw argue in the publication that van Eyck’s playgrounds became an integral part of the city and had an ‘urban character’, that managed to establish the integration of the playgrounds into the city; Boys, on the other hand, suggests that in the post-1945 British town planning, towns were divided into different activities, each with its appropriate location and environment. This led to domestic roles and responsibilities but also to gender inequalities. Stockton’s contribution provides conceptual thinking about a ‘ghostly gayness in the figure of the child’. The publication also contains a poem by Jay Bernard, with the eponymous title After Work. The poem is displayed both as part of the exhibition installation on the gallery walls and as the video’s soundtrack playing in the exhibition space.
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