Online publication accompanying the exhibition Nhớ: Space Between One End and the Other

Editor: Denisa Tomková
Contributors: Alena Alamgir, Kimberly Nguyen, Kvet Nguyen, Minh Duc Pham, Minh Thang Pham, Christina Schwenkel, Vi Huyen Tranová
Translation: Denisa Tomková, Michal Tallo; Copyediting: Zuzana Andrejco Ferusová; Graphical design: Michaela Badžgoňová, Lukáš Kollár
Published: October 2023
The publication accompanies the first exhibition of art of the Vietnamese diaspora in Slovakia, entitled Nhớ: The Space Between One End and the Other. Through the stories of artists from the second generation of the Vietnamese diaspora, this international group exhibition wants to tell a more complex story of identity, culture, and belonging, and highlights the internationalism of the state socialist era that led to the mobility of university students and migrant workers between socialist countries and the Global South.