Online publication accompanying the exhibition There is no end To what a living world Will demand of you.*

Editor: Denisa Tomková, in collaboration with the Studio vvv
Contributors: Marina Garcés, Walidah Imarisha, Grant Kester, Dávid Koronczi, Joy Mariama Smith & Raoni Saleh
Translation: Denisa Tomková; Copyediting: Zuzana Andrejco Ferusová; Graphic design: Lukáš Kollár
Published: January 2023
The essays in this publication address contemporary artistic practices that aim to stimulate dialogue with others, provoke social change, engage with reality, imagine a new and better world, and also encourage us to unlearn and relearn collectively and dialogically. In his essay, Grant Kester discusses art projects based on dialogical exchange. Marina Garcés proposes that if it is the word ‘art’ that prevents us from inclination towards honesty with the real, we need to ‘leave art to one side and seek new names for these creations’. Walidah Imarisha’s essay is an important exploration of the link between science fiction stories and social justice movements. Raoni Saleh & Joy Mariama Smith urge readers to think about the ways in which we learn, encouraging us to learn collectively.
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