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Scripts of the Shifting Bodies

Scripts of the Shifting Bodies
30.04. 2021 – 19.05. 2021
Kurátorská spolupráca Lýdia Pribišová
30.04. 2021
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These artists share an interest in introspection, the gaze into oneself, via which they are nonetheless attentively observing the world. They are concerned with inter-human convergence or divergence, the alienation or mutability of bodies. Corporality voices itself in their work, as a psychosomatic consequence of functioning in a society saturated with information: a result of our limited attention span and the pressure on us to perform and to work incessantly. To be always available and responding. They seek strategies of adjustment to this situation, ranging from escapism through the naming of taboo phenomena, revolt, contemplation, converting to irony, ritualisation…

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