Happiness is Within Reach

Texts / Editorial / Photos / Reviewers / Graphic Design / Font: Beáta Jablonská, Noro Lacko / Beáta Jablonská, Gabriela Kisová, Ľudka Kratochvílová / Adam Šakový, Vlado Eliáš, Noro a Jakub Čaprnka, Boris Németh, Peter Gáll, Martin Marenčin, archív Erik Šille; Oravská galéria, Dolný Kubín; Slovenská národná galéria, Bratislava / Peter Tajkov, Diana Majdáková / Boris Meluš / Larish Neue
Compiled: Beáta Jablonská
Translation: Mirko Pomichal, Anna Pomichalová, Stephanie Staffen
Published: 2017
The publication Happiness is within reach evaluates the work of painter Erik Šille (1978), who appears on the Slovak art scene as an unmissable solitaire. Even though it came from the collective background of the strong painting generation coming after the year 2000, today it would no longer be enough with the advantage of a successful start. His presence on the art scene is a confirmation that painting, even in the time of ubiquitous digital painting, is not just an archaic relic of times past. On the contrary, it proves that even with a brush and paint, the story of the contemporary world can be told, even in such a way that, when stopped in painting, its cracks seem to be even more visible and deeper. Šille leads us through the streets of cities constructed as building blocks and staged fairy-tale landscapes, in which he plays dramas, comedies and farces of a collapsing world.
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