Visuals incorporating screen grabs from Shana Moulton videos, currently part of Do Nothing, Feel Everything exhibition in A Window gallery of Kunsthalle Bratislava, curated by Aziza Harmel and Laura Amann

Workshop: Sticks and stones may break my bones but thread will stitch my soul

19.08. 2022
18h - 21h
Curator Jelisaveta Rapaić

A workshop dedicated to slowness, patience, tactility, precision and softness under the guise of arts and crafts, with embroidery as a byproduct; curated and led by Jelisaveta Rapaić, in regards to the exhibition Do Nothing, Feel Everything.

Embroidery, also known as stitching, can be used to repair a fabric, mend a seam, or cover a hole with an image. There are multiple documented ways of utilising these skills, in practical, domestic, technical, luxurious ways; stitching has been a common practice until very recently. To sew a hole, embroider a towel, or mend a seam with an ornament is no longer a tangible necessity. This practice, once essential for sustainability, has become a somewhat of a privilege; investing considerable time for such little material return. Let this not be confused with other forms of investments without material outcome, such as reading a book or watching a film which are somehow viewed differently.

It seems that these forms of manual labour, which have lost their right to be called labour, and have thus fallen into a clumsy category of hobby, seem to be deeply overlooked, politically neglected and undermined as pastime vanities. To participate in such endeavors is a protest, to the fast pace you don’t remember asking for, to a burnout- you hope to cure with a holiday you are working extra hours for and to the thoughts you hope to soothe with breathing techniques and mindfulness apps. Such practice supports taking a moment for yourself, for being gentle and caring, making time to listen and hear.

We invite you to take part in this group session of creating new images and narratives, stitch by stitch, by immersing ourselves into simple, small- scaled, repetitive movements, slowly building and controlling the outcome. The workshop will take place in the exhibition space itself. The facilitator will guide the participants through the basic and more advanced stitches and techniques, therefore the session is beginner friendly. Participants are welcome to bring their own looms, threads, fabrics or even personal textile items that they would like to stitch;, nevertheless, all material needed for the workshop will be provided.

For: Beginners, as well as more advanced crafters. Anyone. Any age, gender, vocation.
Language: Slovak and English
Fee: free of charge, equipment and tools provided.

**** Number of spots limited ****
Please express your interest / RSVP by writing an email to with the subject titled “Embroidery Workshop: Sticks and stones (your name)” no later than 18.08.22. Please leave your contact information.