Workshop: Its all fun and games (until something happens) with Eva Priečková

27.08. 2022 10h - 12:30h, 14h - 16:30h
Curator Jelisaveta Rapaić
Contribution Free Entry
We invite you to take part in Its all Fun and Games (until something happens) workshop to explore and test non-institutional tools for repairing and bending the heart and soul by pretending.
Fake therapy and other games like empathy, care giving, listening, role playing, trusting, props, giving, pretending…The workshop involving non-competitive, board games, contact sports and the use of props will be facilitated by performance artist and independent contemporary dancer Eva Priečková, partly based on practices of Fake Therapy and Political Therapy initiated by Valentina Desideri. The workshop is curated by Jelisaveta Rapaić in relation to the exhibition Do Nothing, Feel Everything curated by Laura Amann & Aziza Harmel.
The potential of play and belief. Can a silly act heal? If it’s not real but it works, does it become real then? Choose your fighter: institutionalized or intuitional aid?
In this day and age, we can hope to have a community and an unofficial care system to fall back on because we cannot rely on the system. These days, it is up to us, our exhausted bodies and dilapidated minds, to create and maintain an unofficial system of care.
We are suggested that work heals, work occupies the mind, work exhausts the body, work is good for taking your mind off things and making you tired enough in the evening that you hopefully pass out. In this hierarchy of non-communal practices of dealing with, or rather avoiding; how comfortable are we asking or receiving? What fake rituals do we secretly practice because they work? Where does the line between the power of memes and quotes that have defined spirituality and history, begin to blur?

Who is the workshop for?: For anyone in need or anyone curious. Any age, gender, vocation.
Language of the workshop: Slovak and English
**** Number of spots limited ****
Please express your interest / RSVP by writing an email to with subject line “Workshop: Its all Fun and Games (your name)” by 25.08. 2022