We (Shall) See

12.03. 2023, 18h

A collective performative project conducted and initiated by students and graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the premises of Kunsthalle Bratislava, in the form of a guerrilla guided tour of a temporary  (in)visible exhibition titled We (Shall) See. The project dissects the creative, practical and institutional process of envisioning, producing and exhibiting art, touching upon the urgencies of the younger generation of artists through speculation and narration with an inevitable dose of satire. 

To explain oneself through the gaze of the viewer. 
To emerge collectively. 
To grow. 
To multiply. 
To magnify the absurdity. 
To transcribe; going beyond the medium and entering the unknown. 
To be over-interpreted by another mind. 
To be mutually enriched. 
To present what one should sense. 
To feel heard. 
To seek the gap and feel it in. 
To talk; humorously, critically. 
To start a discussion. 
To question.
To sense the present. 
To search together. 
To imagine together. 
To desire deeply and strive for the unreachable. 
To laugh over a beer. 
Discuss in a bubble. Find one’s own paths. Navigate the world.

Spoken descriptions of objects/situations/installations/fabrications/abstractions as a performance. 
The work in context, the piece as a concept, as a thought. 
The art as the situation we are currently in and the one we are entering.



Participating artists: Adam Balogh,Tomáš Deák, Richard Hronský, Július Majerník, Celestína Minichová, Marco Rapant, Hugo Raýman, Lukáš Sobota, Martin Toldy.