Julius Pristauz, Sketch for SOMETHING IS BURNING (after Felix Gonzalez-Torres “Untitled" (Perfect Lovers), 1991. as displayed on moma.org), 2022.


15.09. - 31.10. 2022
Curator Julius Pristauz
14.09. 2022

The group exhibition SOMETHING IS BURNING looks at aspects of identity construction in the context of economic and individual well-being. Tracing trajectories of visibility and representation over time, the exhibition aims to map different bodies –– many of which have been subjected to processes of othering –– and locates them in an intrinsically commodified space.

While some of the works deal with questions of performance and performativity, others address the frameworks as well as loopholes of regulated governed social structures. As we witness the global commercialisation of queerness, where privacy is transformed into a tradeable commodity, this group exhibition connects the body and its inhabited personas to the contemporary moment through various entry points. The exhibition further considers what it means to exhibit queerness and how such a loaded and widely used term could even manifest in the form of a static institutional exhibition.

The selection of the artworks is based on patterns and presumptions around various binary systems. In this regard, the works presented offer meeting and melting points.

on off
in out
up down
left right
wrong right
good bad
sick healthy  whole broken
normal abnormal
man woman

young old
gay straight
static moving
and the list goes on…

Through this combination of diverse narratives evolves a hybrid inquiry, contesting a broad range of topics and challenges. SOMETHING IS BURNING is as much an introspection as it is a socially entangled examination and prompt.

Developed in collaboration with architect Sophia Stemshorn, the exhibition’s design is informed by research into theories surrounding queer space(s) and their history within the fields of architecture and spatial interventions. Taking inspiration from the white cube as well as other biased phenomena, the architecture accomodates similar binary visions and allows for their subversion.

The exhibition includes a selection of performances, screenings as well as a club night.