Photo © archive KHB // Leontína Berková

Diversity of Photographic Surfaces and Layers

Janka Blaško Križanová
02.04. 2022

The lecture by Janka Blaško Križanová, a restorer, dealt with the diversity of photographic surfaces and layers from the daguerreotype to silver gelatine photography in relation to the exhibition Pharmacopoeia by Aleksandra Vajd and Anetta Mona Chişa, curated by Jen Kratochvil. The lecture took place during the day due to the natural light.


In the context of the exhibition Pharmacopoeia, researcher Janka Blaško Križanová has been invited to give a lecture which will provide a different, e.g. scientific and historical insight on techniques and medium used in the installation by Anetta Mona Chişa and Aleksandra Vajd. Krizanova presented a lecture on the evolution of photography, development, chemistry related to photography, accompanied by archival physical examples and enriched with anecdotal facts she has encountered during her career in this field. This lecture, very exact in nature, served as a complementary juxtaposition to the conceptual artistic endeavours and (miss)use of photographic technique by both artists.