Foto: archív Kunsthalle Bratislava, ©Leontína Berkova.

Guided Tour: Anna Hulačová. Edible, Beautiful, Untamed with Tjaša Pogačar

26.03.23, 17:00
Curated by: Tjaša Pogačar

We invite you to a guided tour of the exhibition of Anna Hulačová, entitled Edible, Beautiful, Untamed, which will be presented by the curator of the exhibition Tjaša Pogačar. The guided tour will take place in the exhibition space A Window (former Lab) at Kunsthalle Bratislava.

The main protagonists of Edible, Beautiful, Untamed aren’t human. This is a world of modified organisms and machinery – giant vegetation, hybrid insects, and mutated agricultural equipment. Heavy concrete objects with shapes reminiscent of engines are adorned with intricate ceramic vegetal growth. Plants lean over your head, their monumental size the result of some accidental or engineered genetic modification, or – as it may well be – a humbling of a human perspective and privilege. From a fusion of the organic and technological emerges a vision of post-anthropogenic nature; a perhaps monstrous, perhaps fantastic, feral garden.