Martin Maeller

Floor is Lava

22.06 - 15.08. 2023
Curated by: Denis Kozerawski & Jen Kratochvil 

The exhibition will explore  themes of gendered emotions, ingrained and encoded approaches and readings of seemingly clearly defined, apparently set-in-stone elements of human life. It will look for answers to the following questions: What is anger?  How do we as a society approach and utilise it? What is grief? How do we overcome it both privately and collectively? What is birth and what is death? And how does its cycle relate to immortality? What coping mechanisms do we apply and when? And how do we unlearn it all? “Floor is Lava” is an international group exhibition that searches for neural pathways leading out of the usual cul-de-sac of heteronormative structures of thinking and rules governing our quotidian experience.


Participating Artists: Hynek Alt / Petra Feriancová / Adrián Kriška / Marie Lukáčová / Martin Maeller / Ruth Novaczek / Anni Puolakka & Ellie Hunter / P Staff