Image credits: Choreographed & performed by Valentýna Janů, Monina Nevrlá, Zizoe Akopjan Veselá Music mix by New Magic Media Costumes by Valentýna Janů Produced by PAF Olomouc Photos by Tomáš Kozohorský, Kryštof Hlůže, Michal Patycki

Be my Valentine: …and they lived… finissage

14/02/24 18h
We cordially invite you to the finissage of the exhibition …and they lived… accompanied with a series of performative public program.
As evident from our statement on 16/01/24, this is the last event Kunsthalle Bratislava has the possibility of planning and hosting at the moment.
With this in mind, we invite you to join us one final time, on Valentines day, and enjoy the program we have prepared for you, consisting of a performative lecture by Ezra Šimek, a performance by Valentina Janů and a DJ set by NEW MAGIC MEDIA on Wednesday 14/02/24 from 18h
On this occasion we will also be closing the prolonged exhibition of Marwa Arsanios titled Micro Resistances in A Window exhibition space.
The event was supposed to mark the opening of a previously scheduled solo exhibition by Valentina Janů in A Window exhibition space, but this will sadly not be the case.
The exhibition …and they lived… will be closed during the day and opening at 18 h on 14/02/24, however, Micro Resistances by Marwa Arsanios in A Window, will be open during the day as well as in the evening.
14 / 02 / 24
18h A HALL
„No offense, but“ vol. 2
Performative lecture by Ezra Šimek
“…In a storytelling manner, incorporating charming meme appropriations, painful reminders and intimate confessions, we are taken on a journey of self-explaining, coping and educating; some of the practices, familiar to many queers, especially those growing up with the internet and social media, and the fraught traffic of scare tactics and community support, all mashed up together…”
18:30h A HALL
Performance by Valentýna Janů with guests Monina Nevrlá & Zizoe Veselá
”…Valentýna is a dancer, but also a filmmaker and performer, someone who can transform a room into a dream-like landscape of fluidly dripping cushions where words fly around your transforming body, and it is up to you to grasp them, or not. She’s obsessed with language, but not only the one which allows for verbal or textual expression. Her latest performance, eloquently titled Snap, which will close the show, offers an overview of such a language, a language of gesture, movement, facial expression, and expressively coded fashion styles. There are no genre distinctions anymore (or gender ones if you thought of a potential typo), yet their boundaries live deeply ingrained with complete clarity somewhere in our gray matter or maybe instead in our veins. What is a movement? How do we recognize it, analyze it, gender it, grasp it, and chain it to a category? And how do we break free? When does a move become a part of your body so inseparably that it reconstitutes your identity?…”
19h A HALL