What would you like to be? An artist?

Graphic design / Editorial office and production / Reviewers: Eva Šimovičová / Erik Vilim / Ján Kralovič, Marián Meško
Authors: Daniela Čarná, Lucia Kotvanová
Published: 2021
The publication What would you like to be? An artist? is devoted to the topic of childhood of Slovak artists of several generations and their children's work. The book introduces creative beginnings and first contacts with art in the form of interviews. They allow us to look into the world of children's creativity and imagination. The story of each of them is unique and did not always start with extraordinary talent. They can lead us to childhood memories and inspire us to support the creativity of children around us, including our own. The book is intended for adults who are interested in having closer look at when the profession of an artist is born and for children who will find drawings similar to their own.
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