Let’s draw a sheep

Texts / Ilustration / Graphic Design and Layout : Daniela Čarná / Lucia Kotvanová / Stano Masár
Authors: Daniela Čarná, Lucia Kotvanová
Published: 2019
Drawing is a universal means of communication that everyone understands. And it is the language of drawing in art and beyond that is the children's book Draw Your Sheep. About drawing like you don't know it! The title of the book refers to the Little Prince and his plea: "Draw me a sheep!", Which points to the unlimited limits of our imagination and the uniqueness of perception. The book brings 35 different stories of drawing in art and beyond. Anyone who sees creativity as an important part of their life can intervene in its story. The drawing has its place in the children's room, in the artist's studio and in everyday life. We draw often and we don't even have to be artists. When we want to explain the way to someone, or we just scribble on the phone or listening to music. Drawing connects different areas of life. He uses a language that each of us understands.
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