Ilona Németh: Eastern Sugar

Editor: Katarína Trnovská
Translation: Anna Antalová, Martina Stoláriková
Published: 2019
Contributors: Elena Akácsová, Eva Andrejčáková, Eva Čobejová, Miroslav Eliáš, Maja a Reuben Fowkes, Krisztina Hunya, Ilona Németh, Jana Németh, Emily Verla Bovino, Nina Vrbanová Ilona Németh: Eastern Sugar is a publication produced on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition, which was held in Kunsthalle Bratislava from April to July 2018. This bilingual publication offers a complete archive and comprehensive documentation of a project on an extraordinarily ambitious scale, by the prominent Slovak artist Ilona Németh. Achieved in collaboration with a wider collective of artists and architects, the site-specific exhibition project was curated by the KHB director Nina Vrbanová and the Leipzig-based art historian Krisztina Hunya. Ilona Németh’s work thematised, explored and critically reflected on the moving story of the Slovak sugar factories.
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