Embodying Frequencies: Collective Sound Healing Session with Michaela Čepcová

27.06. 2023, 18h

We cordially invite you to a collective sound healing session with the use of glass bowls on Tuesday 27 June at 6 pm in the exhibition space A Hall at Kunsthalle Bratislava, led by Michaela Čepcová at the invitation of Petra Feriancová. The session will take place in the space of our current exhibition Floor Is Lava and will integrate its architecture by directly interacting with Petra Feriancová’s object installation. Sound healing uses Alchemy Crystal Bowls to produce different frequencies and vibrations that are said to have therapeutic properties and a calming effect on listeners.

 The session is free, bring a bottle of water and join us.


Mgr. Michaela Čepcová graduated from social studies at the Comenius University, after which she began to research alternative forms of healing and started practicing sound healing therapy.