Instagram takeover by Tina Hrevušová

09.10. 2022
Curator: Jelisaveta Rapaić

Stay tuned, Tina will be taking over our Instagram and Facebook for 24 hours on Sunday, the 9th of October!

In her work, Tina Hrevušová (1998) moves through drawing and painting to sculpture and installations, combining several techniques with performance. All of these processes connect, complement and communicate with each other in different ways. She works with the deconstruction of human identity and the creation of a new one that is renounced to the human form, often focusing on emotions or metaphorically expressed psychological processes of the mind. Tina is interested in the communication of living or non-living entities with human ones. She perceives identity as a form of energy that has the property of evolving and thus changing its shape. She combines things internal, unconscious and unpleasant with cute and with a childlike aesthetic.

Tina has participated in group exhibitions at Berlínskej Model in Prague, Galerie Jelení in Prague, Světova 1 in Prague, Zichy Palace in Bratislava, Konstfack in Stockholm and with performances as part of the Pokořen and Deziluze festivals. She is currently studying at The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague.