Instagram takeover by Maty Grznar

28.10. 2022
Curator: Jelisaveta Rapaić

Stay tuned, Maty  will be taking over our Instagram and Facebook for 24 hours on Friday, the 28th of October!

In his work, Maty mainly focuses on queer issues. His inspiration comes from his personal experiences, childhood “trauma”, family history and his position in society. The main medium for him is drag/mask as a form of expressing frustration from the childhood. Maty explores different mediums, such as: object, costume and different kinds of multidisciplinary forms. His inspiration comes from exploring personal safe spaces and investigating different kinds of relationships.

Maty Grznar participated in group exhibition at Pistori Palace, solo exhibition at UMAKART gallery, many fashion shows such as Dotek, MNM and couple of fashion performances during Wash-Ed (Washed Experimental Institute). For two years, he studied at the Body Design Studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Maty is currently studying in the Studio of Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (AFAD) in Bratislava and simultaneously studying fashion in the framework of supplementary study at the AFAD.