Black and White Geometric Landscape by Esther Stocker

Kunsthalle LAB opens its autumn season, in collaboration with the White Night Festival, in an international spirit: with a solo exhibition by Esther Stocker, an Italian-born artist working in Austria. The launch of the exhibition, attended by its curator Zuzana Pacáková (who is also director of the festival, of which the installation forms part), will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m on Thursday October 6, 2016, shortly before White Night.

Esther Stocker (*1974) is already a very well-known artist on the international scene. For Kunsthalle LAB’s “window gallery” she has prepared a “made to measure” abstract geometric installation. She occasionally complements this with the geometric forms and images from which her spatial work originally issued. The exhibition activates viewers and their presence in the gallery, drawing them into a geometric world “From the Future”, where they themselves by their movement determine the “end result” of the given space.


“I try to find things that I haven’t been looking for, and precisely in geometry there’s an undeniable truth concealed. My paintings and installations are focused especially on reduced geometric structures and their capacity to change. In connection with this, I am interested in the contrasting poles of change: that change can lead to development or to collapse,” says the artist, describing her work. 


Esther Stocker has behind her a range of completed projects in architecture and successful exhibitions in some of the world’s foremost galleries of contemporary art (e.g. Vienna’s Kunsthalle, MUMOK in Vienna, CCNOA in Brusells, and a series of galleries of contemporary art in London and elsewhere). In 2004 she received a prestigious Austrian award, the Otto Mayer Prize.




ESTHER STOCKER: From the Future
Curator: Zuzana Pacáková
Opening: Thursday, October 6th 2016 from 6 p.m. until 8.p.m. Duration: September 30th – November 20th 2016
Venue: Kunsthalle LAB