Ing. Rastislav Weidling


Completed the study of Economic Informatics and Accounting (specialisation Accounting andAuditing) at the Faculty of Economic Informatics at the Economic University in Bratislava. He passed the state examination in the academic year 1998-9 and defended his thesis on the theme of Special Features in the Accounting of Indirect Taxes in Finance Companies. Subsequently, throughout his entire professional career, he has devoted himself to the area of accounting. During the years 2000 - 4 he was registered as an assistant auditor in the Slovak Chamber of Auditors, while being professionally engaged in Dunajská audítorská spoločnosť, spol. s r.o. From 2002 to 2005 he was a member of the Slovak Union of Accountants and was involved in the Project of Certification of the Profession of Accountant in the Slovak Republic. Since 2014 he has worked in the field of culture, firstly as deputy head of economics and technical realisation in BIBIANA, and later as director of economics and internal functioning in SĽUK. After a year’s break due to temporary incapacity for work, since February 2020 he has worked in Kunsthalle Bratislava in the position of chief economist.


Kontakt: +421 2 20 476 261, rastislav.weidling@kunsthallebratislava.sk