DRAW YOUR SHEEP. Drawing as you don't know it!

Drawing as you don't know it!
Daniela Čarná - Lucia Kotvanová


Drawing is a universal means of communication and it is understood by everyone. The children's book Draw Your Sheep is focusing on the very language of drawing in art and beyond. Drawing as you don’t know it! The book, written by the duo Daniela Čarná and Lucia Kotvanová, was published by Kunsthalle Bratislava in cooperation with SLOVART, s.r.o. Its name refers to the Little Prince and his famous plea: "Draw me a sheep!", which points to the unlimited boundaries of our imagination and uniqueness of perception. The book provides 35 different stories of drawing in art and beyond. Those who see creativity as an important part of their lives may interfere with the plot. Drawing brings different areas of life together. It uses a language understood by all. A drawing does not have to be done with pen and paper, nor does it have to resemble what it depicts. It has a life of its own in the sketchbooks, on the cracked walls, foggy glass or in the sky...


Who’s behind the scenes
The book was written by Daniela Čarná and Lucia Kotvanová. Their mission in Kunsthalle Bratislava is education through art and building the gallery as an educational institution. Since the children's publications on art are scarce, the authors decided to capitalize on their experience and write a book on drawing to extend the creative exploration of art beyond the boundaries of a gallery towards the general public.
"I think this book was made for the people not to forget art". - Zuzana Fábryová, children's reviewer of book
"It wouldn’t be all too surprising for the person who uses this book to forget about his phone and discover his own talent." - Vladimir Kordoš, Reviewer and artist

Artist represented in the book
Milan Adamčiak, Maria Bartuszová, Miloš Alexander-Bazovský, David Böhm & Jiří Franta, Albrecht Dürer, Ľubomír Ďurček, Ľudovít Fulla a Mikuláš Galanda, Rudolf Fila, Lucio Fontana, Vincent van Gogh, Eva Hesse, Dalibor Chatrný, Igor Kalný, Vasilij Kandisnkij, Michal Kern, Paul Klee, Július Koller, Marta Kopyt, Otis Laubert, Milan Maur, Henri Matisse, Ladislav Medňanský, Michal Moravčík, Roman Ondak, Dennis Oppenheim, Pablo Picasso, Zorka Ságlová, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Magda Stanová, Štefan Schwartz, Rudolf Sikora, Adriena Šimotová, Dezider Tóth, Leonardo da Vinci


First Edition
© Slovak Centre of the Visual Arts, Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovart s.r.o, Bratislava, 2019
Authors: Daniela Čarná, Lucia Kotvanová
Concept: Daniela Čarná, Lucia Kotvanová
Text by: Daniela Čarná
Illustrations: Lucia Kotvanová
Graphic Design and layout: Stano Masár
Editor: Katarína Škorupová
Proofreading: Dáša Jajcayová
Production: Dana Klimová
Print: Finidr s.r.o., Český Těšín
Edition: 2000

Publishing was supported by: Roman Fecik Gallery, The Bratislava Region, Startlab

ISBN 978-80-556-4384-7
Published in November 2019 in Slovak language

The publication can be purchased at the Kunstahalle Bratislava reception and in any good bookshop.


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