The exhibition PARADOX 90. - Curatorial Concepts During Meciarism (1993 – 1998) was accompanied by a Slovak-English catalogue which is nearly 400 pages long. It contains more than 40 full-color reproductions of works by more than twenty exhibiting artists.

Editors: Juraj Čarný and Richard Gregor. 
Authors of the texts: Daniela Čarná, Juraj Čarný, Barbora Geržová, Richard Gregor, Beata Jablonská, Lýdia Pribišová, Mira Sikorová-Putišová and Nina Vrbanová. 

Concept of the catalogue: Katarína Trnovská.

Graphic layout: Stano Masár. 
Publisher: Slovak Center of Visual Arts, 2014
ISBN 978-80-971709-6-7


You can purchase Paradox 90. catalogue on the reception of KHB, or in LIC bookstore at Nám. SNP 12, Bratislava. 
International delivery we will proceed soon.
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