RADOVAN ČEREVKA: Building a Real Body

Kunsthalle LAB

The collection of prepared artworks by Radovan Čerevka deals with the classical theme of the sculpture and emphasizes a subject and a body memory, which has been represented it in the past. The artist in his solo project for Kunsthalle LAB focuses on the modern efforts to the cult of the body, but mostly, to a way of how are the currently so-called Spartan myth of militancy and force circulated in advertisement and media (the bodybuilding phenomenon). The exhibition will examine the instrumentalization of body and its using (more precisely, abusing) for military purposes. Čerevka will return to his previous artworks, in which objects (military gears) referenced to an extinct body.
Curator: Áron Fenyvesi

Radovan Čerevka: Reconstruction of a battlefield, 2019, plastic, wood, epoxide, pigment, sand, 170 x 45 cm, photo: Vlado Eliáš


November 12th 2020

from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.


November 13th 2020 – September 31st 2021


Kunsthalle LAB


Voluntary fee

The creation of works for the exhibition was supported from public sources in the form of a scholarship by Slovak Arts Council.