Kunsthalle 1st FLOOR

The exhibition At the Limit / Am Limit explores borders and experiences associated with borderline situations through the background of works by 18 authors from more than six countries. Through the selection of artworks, the curators of the exhibition refer either to personal boundary experiences or to transgressive conditions created on the basis of certain artistic strategies or approaches. Borders mark an inside and an outside, they are form building contours for existential facts. Borders are dynamic and therefore never final, only death constitutes an ultimate border.
Curators: Zorka Lednárová and Martin Juef

Armando Queiroz: Midas, 2019, video, 10:00 min., photo: archive of the artist



August 4th – November 1st 2020


1st floor of KHB

Presented artists: Silvia Beck (DE), Chan Sook Choi (KOR), Nadine Fecht (DE), Pavel Forman (CZ), Martin Juef (DE), Francisco Klinger Carvalho (BR), Martin Kocourek (CZ), Zorka Lednarova (SK), Luciana Magno (BR), Matthias Mayer (DE), Tamara Moyzes (SK) und Shlomi Yaffe (ISR), Falk Nordmann (DE), Armando Quieroz (BR), Monika Rechsteiner (CH), Nina E. Schonefeld (DE), Bignia Wehrli (CH), Markus Wirthmann (DE)