Lecture Performance of Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe in installation „From the Future“ by Esther Stocker

We invite you to Lecture Performance of Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe, in Vienna working performance artist of Congolese origin, is going to take place in the installation of the exhibition Esther Stocker: "From the Future" (Kunsthalle LAB) with participation of the artist.
November 19th 2016 (Saturday)
From 4 till 5pm
Kunsthalle LAB
Free entry
„First Steps in a Shattered World“

My world has collapsed into fragments and these do not form complete objects or images.
Ever since I was wounded I haven´t been able to see a single object as a whole - not one thing. Even now I have to fill in a lot about objects, phenomena, ar any living thing from imagination.
That is, I have to picture them in my mind and try to remember them as full and complete....

(Fragments of a Text by Alexander Luria)

Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe is born in Kinshasa (DRC) and grows up in France where she studies Fine Arts. In 1998 she obtains her Master degree with honors for her work of sculpture at the Tourcoing School of the Arts (FR). 
As a performer she has collaborated with, among others, Serge- Aymé Coulibaly, George Momboye, Graciane Finzi, Faustin Lyniékula, Robyn Orlin, Amanda Piña and Oleg Soulimenko. Her reflection in Fine Arts is based on organic architecture and her choreographic work is essentially oriented towards the sensitive and fragile dimension of the body. At the center of her work lies the critique of the concept of normality that she considers to be tyrannical and degrading.

Credit: Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe performing in „Approximation linéare“ by Esther Stocker, la BF15, Lyon, 2016