ONLINE / Artist Talk: Grossi Maglioni

The Italian duo Grossi Maglioni (Francesca Grossi, Vera Maglioni), whose exhibition Beast Mother is currently taking place at Kunsthalle LAB, will present their work in a talk with the curator of Kunsthalle Bratislava, Lýdia Pribišová.

Grossi Maglioni: Occupazioni: Beast Mother / Zvieracia matka, 2021, miesto-špecifická inštalácia / site-specific installation, rôzne látky / mixed fabrics, 260 x 260 cm, foto / photo: Sebastiano Luciano

Kunsthalle LAB online / Kunsthalle Bratislava / 17. 3. 2021 at 5 pm

Grossi Maglioni work with with performative, theatrical and participative principlesand create site-specific installations and workshops. They take their starting points from findings in anthropology and gender studies, and also from borrowed elements of popular culture such as sci-fi.  In recent times, they have focused on educational projects and work with the child viewer and parents. 


Discussion will be in English.