11.1.2021 - 31.12.2021



New videos about Slovak visual artists A series of new video profiles about artists, created for the online database of contemporary Slovak visual art ARTBASE, brings interviews with Oto Hudec, Ilona Németh, Dorota Sadovská, Jaroslav Kyša, Tomáš Rafa and Stano Masár.
12.11.2020 - 31.1.2021


RADOVAN ČEREVKA: Building a Real Body

The Kunsthalle LAB exhibition showcases the newest body of work of Košice-based artist — Radovan Čerevka (*1980). The current cycle of the artist arranged as a total environment in space focuses on the cult of the body and can also be interpreted as a dystopic post-human vision and is manifested as an interconnected large-scale installation.
3.9.2020 - 31.5.2021


Kunsthalle KIDS from home: Drawing never ends! - 1. part

In a “door to door” fashion, Kunsthalle KIDS brings you the creative activities from the book Draw Your Sheep. It gives us the possibility to explore the drawings we use in various situations. These days, it is the shopping lists, daily or weekly schedules for the family, or homework and fun activities with the children. - Go ahead and get inspired! Join in and get inspired – because drawing never ends! Artists Dennis Oppenheim, Michal Kern, Paul Klee and Roman Ondak are looking forward to meeting you. More information can be found in the Education section.
2.9.2020 - 31.12.2020


DRAW YOUR SHEEP. Drawing as you don't know it!

Drawing is a universal means of communication and it is understood by everyone. The children's book Draw Your Sheep is focusing on the very language of drawing in art and beyond.
17.8.2020 - 17.1.2021



Another art work of the extended exhibition space in Kunsthalle Bratislava — Kunsthalle EXT — is the object by the Brazilian artist Francisco Klinger Carvalho, that is a part of the exhibition NA HRANE / AT THE LIMIT / AM LIMIT. The abbreviation "EXT" stands for the exterior, extension or exit, and it covers objects and installations, as well as other works of art intended for public space at Treskoňova ulica.


Access to the exhibition

Curator's tour through the exhibition NA HRANE / AT THE LIMIT / AM LIMIT and sound performance MAUERPARK by Matthias Mayer.
5.8.2020 - 31.1.2021



The exhibition NA HRANE / AT THE LIMIT / AM LIMIT explores borders and experiences associated with borderline situations through the background of works by 16 authors from six countries. Through the selection of artworks, the curators of the exhibition refer either to personal boundary experiences or to transgressive conditions created on the basis of certain artistic strategies or approaches. Borders mark an inside and an outside, they are form building contours for existential facts. Borders are dynamic and therefore never final, only death constitutes an ultimate border.
27.7.2020 - 27.9.2020


COME AND DRAW! Holidays at Kunsthalle LAB

Come and visit the summer playroom at the gallery and discover that drawing is fun and creativity is in all of us! During the summer, Kunsthalle LAB has launched a special summer holidays studio instead of the exhibitions. We invite families and anyone else interested in creative experiments with drawing as a source of active relaxation and leisure time spent together.
20.4.2020 - 31.5.2021


What do artists do in spring?

What do artists do in spring? They go for a walk around the city or take trips to the countryside. And most importantly – they have their eyes open and transform the world around them into a work of art. What is your most favorite activity at this time of the year?
1.4.2020 - 31.8.2020


Which object is most important to you?

Since we cannot meet to engage in art in person in the current situation, we will regularly send you the creative activities from our workshop. They can be done from home and enjoyed by the whole family. Which object is most important to you these days? We seek to answer this question in the next task. Join us and get inspired by Emília Rigová's exhibition!
5.3.2020 - 3.7.2020


EMÍLIA RIGOVÁ: Čohaňi z Koni Ajlend. After Bári Raklóri

The social and personal message of the exhibition is clearly readable. Emília Rigová works with a reconstruction of cultural history and with the actuality of her own I; with the erased history of the Roma diaspora and the actual identity of a young woman – intellectual, artist, feminist. The format of the museum of art, adopted for her paradoxical “display” of paintings, encompasses a critical revision of the western history of art and culture.
25.11.2019 - 5.7.2020


School programs to the show Power of the Powerless

We will travel 30 years back in time to investigate what happened in former Czechoslovakia in November 1989 and what the situation was like at the SNP Square in Bratislava where Kunsthalle is headquartered. We will learn how artists lived at the time, how people used the keys on the square, and what their common goal was – although they did not know each other personally. The educational programs are held on-demand and adapted to visitor age.